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Dear Val

Paul asked me to report briefly to you on the choir day held in Helensburgh yesterday.

The feedback from the choir members has been uniformly extremely positive. Paul was an excellent leader of the day and I have had even normally undemonstrative choir members enthusing about the day - and noting that they have discovered notes in their voices that they did not know were there.

Paul was supportive, expert, correctly demanding, inspiring, and exhilarating (and funny too - we had a good day). We all felt that he identified with us and was personally interested in us and committed to improving our singing and our forthcoming performance - and it is perhaps that feeling of his genuine commitment to us that I might single out as helping to make the day special. His expenditure of energy was prodigious and very much appreciated. He must have been exhausted on the journey home (and I hope it went smoothly).

My only regret is that his up-coming commitments and the travel arrangements meant that he had to dash off. It would have been so much better had he been able to stay at least for two nights - I am sure a group of us could have found our way to a restaurant with him yesterday evening.

The day was wonderful. I am sure there will be lasting benefit. Thinking about what I wanted from the day - sound, line, delivering the expression, flexibility - I realised that all these points were covered in a natural yet thorough manner. He was superb.

We do so hope he really enjoyed coming so far to work with us.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Speller

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